D-Link 8-Port PoE Gigabit Smart / 2 SFP Ports DGS-1100-08V2/B

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  • 8 x 10/100/1000BASE-T ports
  • Compact design for convenient placement
  • Fanless design for silent operation
  • Innovative D-Link Green energy saving features
  • Complete web interface for comprehensive switch management
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Switch 8-Port PoE Gigabit Smart  including 2 SFP Ports DGS-1100-08V2

Port Mirroring  Yes

Jumbo Frame  9216 bytes

Loopback Detection (LBD)  Yes

IGMP Snooping  Yes

Max IGMP Snooping Groups  128

802.1Q VLAN  Yes

VLAN Groups  32

Port-based VLAN  Yes

Voice VLAN  Static Voice VLAN only

Surveillance VLAN  Yes

Asymmetric VLAN  Yes

Number of Queue  4

Rate Limiting  Yes

Class of Service (CoS)  Yes

Queue Handling  Yes

Strict Priority Queue (SPQ)  Yes

Weighted Round Robin (WRR)  Yes

Port-based Bandwidth Control  Yes

Port Security  Yes

Broadcast/Multicast/Unicast Storm Control  Yes

Traffic Segmentation  Yes

Cable Diagnostics  Yes

Web-based GUI  Yes


SNMP Trap  Yes

D-Link Discover Protocol (DDP)  Yes

DHCP/BootP Client  Yes

D-Link Network Assistant  Yes

Surge/Lightning Protection (AC Power Inet)  2kV

Surge/Lightning Protection (All Ethernet Ports)  1Kv

Store-and-Forwarding  Yes

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