Calculator FX-83GT X Black
  • Calculator FX-83GT X Black

Calculator FX-83GT X Black

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Latest version of the Casio fx-83

  • Natural-VPAM allows expression entry as it appears in textbooks
  • List-based data entry for statistics including frequency tables
  • Tabulate y = f(x) and y = g(x) functions
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The fx-83GTX is the new upgraded version containing additional features such as clearer display, clearer menus, faster processor and 14 additional functions. Recommended and approved for Key Stages 3 & 4 (including GCSE, National and Higher, Junior and Leaving). The large Natural Textbook Display (Natural-V.P.A.M.) shows mathematical expressions like roots and fractions as they appear in your textbooks which increases comprehension because results are easier to understand.

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