HUB / KVM / Adapters Micro USB OTG HUB For Smartphone &
  • HUB / KVM / Adapters Micro USB OTG HUB For Smartphone &

Micro USB OTG HUB For Smartphone & Tablet

12,00 €


  • Device Type: OTG Hub
  • Compatible Device: Tablet and Cellphone with OTG Function
  • Total Length: 190mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 25g


  • This is a multi-function dual micro USB host OTG hub adapter cable, the cable length is 190mm
  • Made of high quality material,durable and light weight
  • Two ports with USB design,can connect the keyboard,mouse,card reader,and so on
  • One power USB port can connect original charger supply power for flash disk, card reader ,mouse, keyboard ,so on
  • Compatible with all tablet and cellphone with OTG function, such as Dell Venue 8 Pro,Windows 8" Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 3,2 ,Note 10.1,Samsung GalaxyS5,Google Nexus 10 Etc

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