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Cera wax crayons

Wax crayons. Bright colours, wash off most fabrics and non- porous surfaces.  With 90 mm length and 8.5 mm diameter. colour: Assorted Number of wax crayon in box: 12 , 24 Please choose the number of wax crayon in box!!!

Olio oil pastels

Big ideas have the big size of giotto olio. Rich vivid and opaque colours, easy to use with the giant 70 mm long and 10 mm diameter pastels Colour: Assorted Number of pastel in box: 12 , 24 Please choose the number of pastel in box!!!

Lyrax wax giants crayons

Non- water - soluble wax crayons.  Ergonimic , triangular shape and 14.5 mm diameter.  The hand- friendly shape allows hours of tireless drawing.  With beeswax and extra break- resistant.  Extraordinary colour briliance and opacity .  Crayons...