Ink cartridges HP 22XL High Yield Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge C9352CE|
  • Ink cartridges HP 22XL High Yield Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge C9352CE|

HP 22XL High Yield Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge C9352CE

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  • Page yield: ~  415 pages

Save more – print in higher volumes with fewer cartridge changes, using a high-capacity ink cartridge. Print brillant colour photos and bright graphics using an ink cartridge designed to work with your HP printer.

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Compatible printers:

HP Deskjet 3910
HP Deskjet 3918
HP Deskjet 3920
HP Deskjet 3930
HP Deskjet 3930v
HP Deskjet 3938
HP Deskjet 3940
HP Deskjet 3940v
HP Deskjet D1360
HP Deskjet D1400
HP Deskjet D1460
HP Deskjet D1470
HP Deskjet D1550
HP Deskjet D1560
HP Deskjet D2330
HP Deskjet D2360
HP Deskjet D2400
HP Deskjet D2430
HP Deskjet D2460
HP Deskjet F2100
HP Deskjet F2110
HP Deskjet F2180
HP Deskjet F2185
HP Deskjet F2187
HP Deskjet F2235
HP Deskjet F2280
HP Deskjet F2290
HP Deskjet F4100
HP Deskjet F4140
HP Deskjet F4172
HP Deskjet F4175
HP Deskjet F4180
HP Deskjet F4188
HP Deskjet F4190
HP Deskjet F4194
HP Fax 3180 Printer
HP Officejet 4312
HP Officejet 4314
HP Officejet 4315
HP Officejet 4317
HP Officejet 4319
HP Officejet 4355
HP Officejet 5605 Printer
HP Officejet 5607 Printer
HP Officejet 5610 Printer
HP Officejet 5610v Printer
HP Officejet 5610xi Printer
HP Officejet 5615 Printer
HP Officejet J3680
HP PSC 1401
HP PSC 1402
HP PSC 1403
HP PSC 1410
HP PSC 1410v
HP PSC 1410xi
HP PSC 1415
HP PSC 1417

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